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MIAS759KJEFixed potential HTTP server task panic when modifying a repeating calendar entry
YQWG76R9VSFixed problem where a calendar entry subject that contained brackets <> could not be seen in calendar views and could not be...
KSAA7CA7JTFixed problem where cancel/decline notices are incorrectly sent when deleting calendar entry documents from the past
LMAN6J2MF3If user has archiving disabled and calendar cleanup enabled via policy, running calendar cleanup results in bad data being written to the archive...
GTON7QYFKMFixed calendar view display error when loading specific calendar entries
JJYG7P65DRFixed problem where the last day of the out of office period would not not be reflected in the schedule busytime information.
JJYG7DY9X8 Fixed problem where updated Work Hours would not reflect in the schedule busytime information.
JLII7PKF56Fixed localization layout and truncation problems with calendar overlay Add My Calendar dialog
KMUR6TJDRAFixed intreoperability problem where calendar entries created by iNotes Out Of Office settings produce errors when opened with Notes...
JSDW7Q4DPRFixed layout and truncation issues with localized Schedule tab on new calendar form
KRAU7Q8MLXFixed problem where Group Calendar chart date was not being changed to reflect date chosed by date picker in navigator pane
KYOE7LD5KP Addressed issue where resource/room change would not be reflected in a meeting update if a reschedule was done in the same update.
KYOE7PFA2YFixed problem where a reserved room or resource will not appear on the schedule busytime list when the chairperson reschedules a meeting by drag and...
LMAN7JRQKY Fixed problem with iNotes Out Of Office service support where the user cannot disable the "I am unavalable for meetings" checkbox when Out of...
MNAA7NCDEHFix bug with Group calendar busytime display if Work hours for are set for 12:00AM - 11:59PM
NVJI7QREW9Fixed problem where a disk quota error incorrectly displays when saving and sending a new meeting invitation with an attachment
PTHN7KMNTNFixed a problem where there is no Update Calendar action with a calendar update notice sent to a FYI user
PPRT7RKMLL Fix bug with Calendar meeting where user cannot access the meeting place when "Only Invitee can attend the Online Meeting" setting is...
QDAI7NGD7KFixed error that occurs in certain scenarios when a chair reschedules a meeting with update
SQZO7RS5GKFixed Firefox 3.5 browser problem where saving a new Group Calendar hangs iNotes, requiring a browser reload.
GSFA7UMPEMFixed Notes client crashes when checking entry in Calendar view summary
JFRA7GSDFNDay-at-a-glance now changes when switching to Summary in Turkish 8.0.1 client
KHII7TBBB3Federated Notes Calendar Lookup Dialog now fetches all calendar views from teamroom / notes application database
YCDL78W5B9Fixed problem where calendar date picker does not highlight the same day when navigating to a different month/year
ZYZY7L69NPFixed layout and truncation problems with the localized calendar filter dialogs
MLMN7PUPDNiCal feeds with multi-day events corrupt Day-At-A-Glance views
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